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    "Never be afraid of creating your own connections and relationships between your pieces, as Oscar Wilde once said, "All things beautiful belong to the same age."

    It can sometimes be tricky to display your stand out, ornamental pieces, alongside something sleek and modern.

    You can have fun styling classic pieces with a collection of eclectic, unique accessories. Layering the contemporary and industrial with the traditional, creates a well-travelled look and adds interest and personality to any space.

    An eclectic mix of treasured possessions collected over the years can help create an interesting and unique environment in your home that reflects you and your own experiences.

    You can always ask a Momu interior designer for assistance.



  • Paris Buying Trip

    Flashback to a buying trip in Paris late last year, when we stopped at this irresistibly decadent store en route to visit a supplier. Great memories, sensory overload.

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