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  • Oh how we wish weekends would last longer than they do. Our Avignon hourglass doesn't just track time though. Coupled with our ornate Caravan Jar, these two little gems will sit pretty on a shelf or mantelpiece while you contemplate the week ahead.

    screenshot 6

  • Muted tones for a sophisticated Saturday afternoon, featuring our Dali Chair, Qwerty Lamp and Hepburn Side Table.

    screenshot 12

  • The makings of sweet dreams... Our Sierra bed, Sheraton Drawers & Ottoman, and the Bourbon Table Lamp. A perfect setting to sleep off the weekend.

    screenshot 2

  • A cool cluster featuring our Garland Table Lamp.

    screenshot 8

  • Neat lines for a Monday night thanks to our Qube bed and Maharaja print.

    screenshot 11

  • A sublime sitting room to unwind, relax and shake off a busy week.

    screenshot 10

  • We just got a whole lot more excited about sitting down to do our tax after spying the arrival of this new Voltaire Desk. It's all class.


  • Beauty is in the detail ... Houghton Hall, England.



    Melbourne's four seasons in one day offering some unexpected colour inspiration.11041804_986770894669555_832966308099127232_n

  • The Montpellier Brushed Steel Vase will make the perfect home for your summer flowers.


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