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Property Styling in Melbourne

Real Estate Agents know that properties with great interiors achieve premium prices. Until now, Momu’s property styling in Melbourne has only been available for agents to showcase their listings and secure a swift sale. As more and more vendors have recognised the value of this unique service, we are now offering it direct to homeowners.

Momu’s property styling introduces a range of furniture, artwork and accessories to maximise the charm of your Melbourne property. Our expert stylists identify your ideal buyer and create an atmosphere to draw the interest and attention of that target market. Products from our exclusive retail range are mingled with style ideas to give your place a facelift, on almost any budget. Whether your home benefits best from French style furniture or contemporary minimalist styling, you can depend on our designer to shine the brightest light on your property.

Property styling projects span from furnishing full interiors to just adding a few deft touches. Sometimes just the simple addition of fresh linen or a painting can completely lift your property’s appeal. We can provide furniture and accessories, across a wide range of styles, to lift the appeal of your home. The end result draws aspirational buyers, to sell your home quickly at the best possible price.

Our excellent service is easy and convenient, catering for delivery and collection of all items. Our Richmond showroom is open 7 days a week for you to browse and meet our friendly stylists.

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